Friday, January 30, 2009


Tonight, we're heading back to 1967. The Summer of Love, y'all. Below is my own personal CHUM CHART for the week of July 31. (I'm pretty sure the picture will enlarge if you click on it... just the way certain other things, ahem, enlarged during that summer. Of love.)

I'll probably post more about CHUM CHARTS down the road. (Including how my prized collection of these things went missing, save for a few.) But for tonight, and in keeping with the Canadian content of these Friday Night posts, I offer you a cool tune -- released in '67 just a couple of weeks after this Summer of Love chart came out. Ladies and gentlemen, The Ugly Ducklings.

Hit it, boys.


unokhan said...

o wait, it doesn't say cum hit parade after all

DoctorBoogaloo said...

Uno: Yeah, with all that love and such going on back then, eh? (This one might have been #1... had it been a wee bit... longer.)

Woozie said...

I feel like I've missed out. What is a Chum Hit Parade?

DoctorBoogaloo said...

Woozie: CHUM (the call-letters) is a radio station in Toronto. Back in the day, it was the hottest station around these parts. The Charts were published weekly and distributed for free at record shops. 1050 CHUM was Toronto's version of 77 WABC in New York. (I could only get WABC at night, after the smaller stations shut down. I used to listen to 'Cousin' Bruce Morrow, Charlie Greer and Big Dan Ingram. Wanted to be a DJ myself.)