Thursday, May 6, 2010


This was the teaser headline on CNN dot com: Bono gets legal name and gender change.

Turns out it wasn't the guy from U2.  Just Chaz Bono.

Yeah.  I can see why a guy might want to jettison the whole 'Chastity' thing now that he's sporting brand new block and tackle.

Too bad Sonny died banging into that tree.  He could meet his new son at Hooters for lunch.


UPDATE:  GO HABS GO!  (See Comment section for more details.)


Omar said...


Doctorboogaloo said...

Yeah... Go Habs!

Omar said...

Well, they are likely the worst team in the playoffs, but fuck it, if they win, they win! Check out the the latest edition of the 'Walrus' on how Merika is stealing OUR game. Gary Bettman must die!

Doctorboogaloo said...

Omar: The article must only be available in the print version. Couldn't find it on-line.

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