Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My father would be 98 years old today.

Just thinking:
If the diabetes and heart failure hadn't taken him a few years ago, England's recent performance in the World Cup would certainly have finished him off.  (And that is no lie.)

Ninety-eight.  1912.  The year the Titanic sank.  Fucking history, eh?

Me, I've managed to step into Heraclitus' river and splash about during eight numbered decades.  And yeah... it ain't never the same river twice.  (Maybe that's why I can't get any latter-day traction.)

I have no idea what the hell I intended to say tonight.  As Uncle Leo famously said: "I'm an old man.  I'm confused."      

I'm probably going to stop posting this crap. (If I haven't nailed any of my remaining 38 theses to the Lunch Counter doors by the autumnal equinox, you must -- I implore you -- consider me dead.)

"Will somebody answer that damn phone!"


Omar said...

I hear ya. 1963 is starting to look and sound like quite some time ago. At least now we know JFK wasn't much of a president.

Omar said...

What does the second part of that comment even mean?!

Anonymous said...

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liberal supporter said...

At least now we know JFK wasn't much of a president.

Which one was, in hindsight?

The problem is they are all figureheads, but we're supposed to pretend they're not. If we didn't they'd all be "the greatest President evah", loved as much as the Queen.

How old are you, doc?

Anonymous said...

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