Sunday, October 31, 2010


I recently read a novel called 'The Historian'.  It involves a bunch of professor types tracking down the still extant Vlad The Impaler, aka Dracula.  The scariest thing about this novel -- aside from much of the prose  -- is the length of the thing.  But once I found myself invested in fifty pages or so, I decided to forge on.
Now, I can't for the life of me think of anyone to whom I would recommend the book.

* * *

Asked at school recess on the Primary yard:  What are you going to be on Halloween?  The tally is in.

6 Ironmen  (That's six versions of Ironman.)
4 Princesses
3 Hanna Montanas
4 Witches
1 Hello Kitty
3 Draculas
1 Hippie
1 Fire Hydrant
1 Billy the Exterminator
4 Monsters
4 Ghosts
2 Bats

The kids also asked me what I was going to be.  I told them a guy in an iron lung.

* * *

Guess I better roll out my costume.  They'll be pounding on the door in about half an hour.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Does anyone ever ask these children what the trick is before giving them a treat? The whole thing seems like a protection racket to me.

Doctorboogaloo said...

GB -- I had actually forgotten this episode until you mentioned 'trick'.

About ten years ago, a bunch of kids knocked on the door and yelled 'Trick or Treat!' I said I was all out and they'd better give me the trick. Without missing a beat, one little boy (about eight years old) pulled out a deck of cards and asked me to pick one. His little hands were nearly frozen, but damn, he carried off the trick. (Of course, I knew how he did it. But still... it was marvellous.) They all got double stuff.

When I was a kid, the tricks were performed by the homeowners. Case in point: they invited us in for hot chocolate, got us comfy, and suddenly Aunt Matilda would appear from the shadows, goiter and all, regaling us with songs from 'My Fair Lady'. I still shudder when I hear those songs.