Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last night, in my own small attempt to Restore Sanity, I dropped a line to ABC news.  (They had recently tapped Andrew Breitbart -- yup, that Andrew Breitbart -- as a commentator for Tuesday's American mid-term elections.)
In my email, I mentioned that since I am a foreigner, my active participation in the American electoral process has been, shall we say, nil; but as a good neighbour, with a rather big mouth, I felt I had to respond to Breitbart's newly elevated status.  (Journalist? WTF?)  I also mentioned that the brain-trust @ABC might consider a collective lobotomy.  In return, I received a nice form letter indicating (between the lines, mind) that my opinion will neither be read nor responded to... but thanking me for my time.
Any time, guys.  It's what I do.

And speaking of restoring sanity...  Llewellen, more Heineken.


Gorilla Bananas said...

I followed both your link and the links within your link, Doctor. I didn't take it to the third level of links, though, that would have made me the class swot.

The Maoist Christmas ornament issue deserves further investigation. Mao never celebrated Christmas, so putting him on an Christmas ornament must be some kind of ironic statement. Whoever was responsible must be held to account.

Doctorboogaloo said...

I suppose that images of guys like Mao hanging -- preferably by the neck and from anything -- might be construed as festive sights.

Hmmm...that gives me an idea for this year's 'holiday tree' here at the Lunch Counter.