Monday, February 14, 2011


The school Chess Club tournaments are (mercifully) over.  I survived, winners were declared, prizes were awarded, and not a single candidate master anywhere in the country will be in jeopardy any time soon -- or likely ever, truth to be told.

Still, they are learning the game.  And a couple of kids are becoming quite good.  A couple.  Well, four to be exact.  Which, out of a total of thirty-two children, is really not too shabby.  Right?

Before each round, I gave them a pep talk.  The last one ended with these words by a famous chess champion (whose name escapes me): If you see a good move, look for a better one.

A sentiment that could be applied to life in general.

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Jon Parsons said...

One of my little obsessions. I don't claim to be great or anything, and I'm more into blitz-chess than a more thoughtful game. I basically plan my whole strategy on not giving up the queen against a sicilian opening...

You play much doc?