Sunday, April 26, 2009


So there's a new Swine Flu loose on the globe, centered in Mexico, and the other night I hear some dickhead on the news saying don't let it worry you, go to Mexico and enjoy the beach. Yeah, right. You first, Ace. (And check your moribund carcass at Customs on your return.)

* * *

My garden's looking pretty good. Tulips galore. I'll even have to cut the grass soon. Yessir, it's time to get out the lawnmower... and the baseball glove. Yahoo! (Too early for morning glories, though. I hope Andy's crop is spectacular this year. By the way, I miss you, you old bastard.)

* * *

Another piece on the vile treatment of women in Afghanistan.

When Afghan women give birth, I suspect they pray the squirming little mass is male. For a whole raft of reasons.

At this point, one might hope that each of those prayers is answered.

For a whole raft of reasons.

* * *

There are barely two months left before the end of school. Seems like only last night I was preparing for the school year to start. They say this happens with age. I'd say they are correct.


Woozie said...

Guess what country was on a U.S. State Department list of nations whose governments might not exist this time next year?

And guess which country was really really pissed to be on that list?

DoctorBoogaloo said...

Woozie: I think you're talking about Mexico... about the country becoming a 'failed state'. Pakistan was also on that list, n'est pas?