Saturday, April 3, 2010

On this most holy of weekends for the deluded practitioners of the ancient hoax, I am delighted to see

a) The Pope swimming upstream against a rather violent current;

b) The Archbishop of Canterbury sticking his oar in (to what ultimate effect, I cannot fathom);

c) a bunch of Dutch brewskis cooling themselves in my refrigerator.

Brethren, let us not drown in the septic bilge of religious wee-wee.  Rather, let us be revelers, anointed neath the amber waves and white-capped froth of a few chilled Heinekens. For that is the way of true deliverance. **


Llewellen: fetch us the sacred vessels... and the bottle opener.

** (The Lunch Counter Prayer.  Reproduced with the permission of  Rev. Phineas Boogaloo.) 

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