Wednesday, April 14, 2010



The smells.  Like: fresh wax on the hallways.  Coffee brewing in the staffroom. Freshly ground pencil shavings. And yeah... the kids.

Mostly, kids smell like dust.  Like the open road.  Like freedom.   But then, of course, there's Daniel, who -- like his biblical namesake -- must surely bunk with lions.  How in the hell does a child manage to smell that sour?  (Picture: Barf Bag,  that never-seen-but-often-mentioned character in 'Holes'.)  And don't even think of  getting me started on Lucy.  (This child's bouquet would bring you to tears.  Literally.)

Children should be seen. But  never, ever, smelled.

Thank you for listening.  You're a wonderful audience.  Drive safely and happy motoring.

Your humble public servant,

Phineas Boogaloo

(whose knees might be shot, but whose nose is working just fine.  And overtime.)

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