Friday, April 23, 2010


Comedy Central capitulated to Muslim nutbags.  Next night,  Jon Stewart told the Muzzie neanderthals to go fuck themselves.  Final score: Comedy Central nil, Jon Stewart 1.

Today is Shakespeare's birthday.  To commemorate the occasion, I bought a can of mead and wore my niftiest codpiece to work.

If I hear that Wavin' Flag song one more time....

Last night, after much deliberation, I stabbed one of my narrators to death and shredded everything he had forced me to type.  After two months' work, I am again a free man.

I watched something called Bright Star, a movie about John Keats and his love affair with what's-her-name.  (Before I write the last sentence inside these brackets, I should tell you that I hate love stories.  I couldn't wait for Keats to die.)

Joni Mitchell called Bob Dylan a phony and a plagiarist.  I own albums by each of them.  I blame it all on drugs.  Actually, I blame most things on drugs.  I'm on a few drugs.  Llewellen, hit me again big guy.

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