Sunday, June 20, 2010


Since I'm the only father left in my family (my dad and brother are dead; and as far as I know my son has no issue) I'll tell you what I got for Father's Day.

A cell phone.  My first. And it only took two hours for my son to drill its basic operation into my softening skull.  ('Soft keys'? Blue teeth? WTF?)

My wife welcomed me to the twentieth century.  It's the twenty-first century, I told her. She said, Yeah.  I know. (Smart ass.)

I've actually done some texting and taken a few pictures.

Now I can be as annoying as everyone else I know.

'Scuse me.  I gotta transfer some tunes.


Omar said...

For my very first Father's Day I received a gift card for use towards a visit with my favourite spa-lady for a little Manscaping and a bottle of Harveys Bristol Cream! Yowza!

Doctorboogaloo said...

Omar: Damn, yes, you're a father! It had completely slipped my mind. (Most things do, these days.)

C'mon, son, catch me up. I want fatherhood stories... and I want 'em now.

Omar said...

Smooth is the word that comes immediately to mind. Lois is a very content baby who is really a joy to care for. There isn't really too many Fatherhood stories to tell as a four week old baby seems to only want to sleep, scream when she is not sleeping and stop screaming when she is eating. She loves taking a bath and is very good when out for a walk. So far so good.

Doctorboogaloo said...

Omar: Thanks for letting me know. I'm really happy for you guys. Belated congratulations on the birth of your little girl.

If there's anything better than being 'daddy', I don't know what it is. (If I was a few years younger, I'd love to do it all over again.)