Sunday, June 27, 2010


England's loss in stats:
32 Wayne Rooney lost the ball by being tackled in possession 32 times, more often than any other player at the 2010 World Cup finals.
6 Germany scored four goals from six shots on target, while England mustered seven attempts on target.
55 Wayne Rooney completed only 55 per cent of his passes against Germany, less than any other player.
4 The last time England conceded four goals in a World Cup finals game was in a 1954 quarter-final v Uruguay.
37 Frank Lampard’s free-kick against the bar was his 37th shot without scoring at a World Cup.
0 England have not won a game in which they’ve conceded a goal since beating Cameroon 3-2 in 1990. 

From Dr. Boogaloo:

England's loss  via rheumatism:
The handwriting was on the wall during the game against Algeria.  That, for me, was the worst ninety minutes of football I've seen an England side play in any Cup Finals since I began watching in earnest many, many years ago.  Many times worse than today's debacle.
This tournament made the English side look like a bunch of ludicrously wealthy, over-hyped, near geriatric buffoons.
The core of this team is the same side that couldn't cut it four years ago. WTF?  What's been going on in the youth academies for the past dozen years?
Heskey?  'Fer fuck's sake.

Yes, there will always be an England.  But I don't see the lads in a semi-final any time soon.

* * *

Okay.  Time to get my orange on. The Dutch make a decent brew, after all. (And Robbie plays for Arsenal.)

Of course, if The Netherlands go out next, I'll have to cheer for... um, Portugal?

Fuck it.  Maybe I should just go all in with Argentina.

Llewellen... beer, lad.


Omar said...

Do these pansies wear cups when they play?


Doctorboogaloo said...

Most guys will either strap on a fabric supporter or go on the pitch as nature intended. (There used to be a great picture of... Paul Scholes, I think -- who was caught by camera after a tackle. His shorts had ridden up on the leg and the block and tackle was clearly on display.

Watch when the defenders form a wall on a free kick. They're ten yards back from the ball... and holding securely onto the jewels.