Saturday, June 26, 2010


It happens all the time... around the staffroom table; at the pub; at social gatherings.  But it happens with greater noise and frequency every four years.  What is it?  The chant that soccer is boring.  Inevitably, it is pronounced the loudest by guys who suffer gladly through nine innings (and three-plus-hours) of excruciating, mind-numbing baseball -- or those who think that golf is actually a sport. 

Ignore them.  They are assholes who have no concept of physical fitness and athletic conditioning; split-second shifts between attacking and defending; skill, pace and creativity.

Ignore them.

And pity them.

The rest of the world certainly does.


Omar said...

But WHY is it sooo hard to score? I mean, the fricken net is the size of three barn doors!

Doctorboogaloo said...

That's part of the beauty of the game. It takes skill, finesse and determination to break down a solid defense and beat a top-notch keeper.

Eight yards wide, eight feet high. Looks easy. But it ain't.