Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Finally, a contest worth entering. I don't know if 750 words will do the job, though. I mean, a religion has to have a creation myth, thirty or forty thousand prohibitions, a list of festivals and holy days, some shit about faggots, women, unbelievers, body parts, talking tuna, rainbows, lucky colours, unlucky numbers, secret handshakes, inspiring songs, prayers, chants and raps, and where your spirit goes after the bars are closed. It's a tough job.


unokhan said...

where your spirit goes after the bars are closed

first Q i'm gonna posit when the berry gets text reference up and running

Woozie said...

Does Nutopia have some sort of national faith? I wouldn't think so but the question still bears asking.

the watusi, the twist, el dorado, take this brother may it serve you well