Friday, February 27, 2009


Hey, I can poison people right here at the Lunch Counter for a hell of a lot less than a hundred and thirty fucking pounds a head! Snail porridge? You gotta be joking. My Puffer Fish Omelet checks in at seven dollars and fifty cents a pop. Follow that with a nice Velvet Ant Sorbet and an Inland Taipan Iced Tea... you're looking at fifteen bucks, tax included.

And at least you'll know why you nearly died. English wankers.

The Lunch Counter* -- proudly poisoning people since 2005.

* The Lunch Counter is the Canadian-owned subsidiary of Eat This and Die (Nairobi).

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The (late) Earl of Oxford said...

'Tis a time honour'd tradition, inviting people to eat... perchance to die.

I recall inviting a few ancient Yorkists to sup at the manor. Ah, the death rattles, Boogaloo! Percussion at its finest.