Thursday, May 21, 2009

Interesting how research can, in the long run, overtake and dispel conventional wisdom. Newest case in point: the Komodo Dragon is venomous.

Until very recently, it was assumed that the Komodo was packing bacteria as its weapon of choice. Again, until very recently, it was assumed that there were only two kinds of venomous lizards, the Beaded (which has four subspecies) and the Gila Monster -- see little Timmy in the sidebar -- (two subspecies). Of course, there is a good chance that there are many more.

Interesting, no?

Let's face it: we still have oodles to learn about every living creature.

Research down the road: my money is comfortably parked on the bet that humans do not possess a soul. Whatever the fuck that is. (I know I ain't got one. I do have venom, though.)

UPDATE: Well, not an update really. (The Komodo still has venom, I suspect.) No, this is more of a late night, semi-sober observation. And it goes something like this....
Blogging is a lot like being in high school. You do it for four years, then you (metaphorically speaking) bugger off to university... or Europe... or jail. You lose touch with your old mates. They don't drop by any more; you make new friends and get busy with this & that; and before you know it, you have to toss out the frozen koala burgers in the freezer, sell the jukebox, and sit by yourself in your office off the kitchen, writing Llewellen's severance cheque. Soon after, the place falls derelict. Like this joint.
It's been fun.
But the writing's on the wall.

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