Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our family wasn't what you'd call 'touchy feely'. Seldom a hug when growing up -- unless in the aftermath of serious bodily trauma or amputation (none of which happened. Unless you count the scalding coffee incident when I was a year and a half old. And I don't recall the episode, although I have the scars to prove it.) Nope. We were a rather undemonstrative bunch.

I tried to change. I gave it a shot. But as the years rolled by, I fell into the old comfortable pattern of keeping everything to myself. (Well, men do, don't they?)


Mother's Day -- the idea of it, not the card-company-and-chocolate-manufacturers-induced spending frenzy -- comes in handy. It allows me to bring down the shields with no harm or foul.

So. Here's to Mrs. Boogaloo. The person who saved my life.

And here's to all the other moms and mums and wives who put up with us year in and year out. Happy Mothers' Day.

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