Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, he would wouldn't he? After all, he's apparently a secret Muslim, apparently born in Kenya, apparently a raving socialist, and oh yeah, he's apparently black. I think it's that last one that really has some hillbillies' knickers in a twist.

Sweet fuck. What year is this?


I'm finding the American health care debate enormously entertaining. Fucking guys bringing guns (and dropping same) to town hall meetings; people screaming about the Constitution (I guess there's plenty about guns in that document, but not so much on government options for health care); and my favourite, the real howler, yes indeed, the 'Pull the Plug on Grandma' debate, better known as The Death Panel, or some such shit. (Really and truly, how stupid can some people be?) Obama's gotta be thinking: I'm the leader of the dumbest, most easily duped people on the face of the earth.

Ah, hell. Thank heavens for August. And American news channels. Fucking hilarious. Makes my problems seem tiny by comparison.

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BrightenedBoy said...

I fully support the 2nd Amendment's guarantee of Americans' right to bear arms, but bringing any type of firearm within proximity of the President is unacceptable, regardless of party.

It amazes me that there isn't a law on the books prohibiting this. It is chilling to see rightists showing up at Obama rallies with guns.

How long until they decide to turn them on someone?

Sometimes I feel that Obama is barely American--he seems too smart, too articulate, too fair and reasonable, to have been elected by this country.