Sunday, August 9, 2009


When I was thirteen, I fell in love with a girl who sat behind me in school. She was in the choir, she played baseball, she was absolutely adorable.

She was also rehearsing for "My Fair Lady", a joint project between several schools. (Now, I can't sing now and I couldn't sing then, but I went to the auditions -- because it involved walking across town after school in the company of this young lady. And wouldn't you know -- I got a part in the fucking chorus.)

I got to hold hands. I got to kiss her. I got to know her family. We went skating (hand-holding actually sanctioned by society) and played catch in the park. We climbed trees together and smoked cigarettes in a cave near the river. She loved wearing dresses, even though she was a bit of a girl-jock. She had four brothers, one of whom wound up on the same Little League team as me. We became great friends, the brother and I. And I guess that's when the bloom fell off the rose. Her name is Diane and I met her again, several years ago, when her aunt turned 90. (Her aunt and my mother were friends.)

Why is this important?

It's not. I'm just typing out loud.

Life is kids and old folks. Love and death.

And tonight, Diane.


Woozie said...

Excellent post.

Doctorboogaloo said...

Thanks, Woozie. By the way, you've saved me a post. This is the sort of thing I was going to write:

The past week has driven me backwards. I've been thinking about what was. Something etched. Permanent. Always there. Gotta find something that isn't going to burst into flames or bugger off in a puff of smoke.

And when the present settles down enough, I think I can parlay this particular bit of time travel into a couple of decent short stories. (I've also been thinking about quitting my day job and writing full time. The trouble is, I see faces and hear voices. Real kids. The ones who asked, at the end of June, "You're still going to be here next year, aren't you?")

Kee-rist. I've asked and answered that question of myself three times in the last three years.

Gonna be a real hard one this time around, though.

Hey, Woozie: you know I love you, right?

BrightenedBoy said...

This is cute. I'd love to hear more about your early life.