Friday, August 21, 2009


This is my 100th post. (Well, to be accurate, I've written and published close to a thousand hot and cold lunches over the past four years. But I tend to remove all traces of this slipshod diner every year or so. And that's down to govmint revenooers.)


It's been a fucked-up summer. I can tell it's gonna be a lousy winter.

Enjoy the swine flu. If I survive, which is unlikely (I work with hordes of germ-laden kids, after all) I promise to lower the prices... at least on the pork chops.

Later. Much.


Woozie said...

It has been a fucked up summer, for so many people I know. It's strange. A sign of the coming apocalypse maybe? I don't know. Tucker Max, assholery aside, had it right when he said "I hope they serve beer in hell". Something with vodka for me, though. I <3 my rotten potatoes.

Omar said...

Could be worse. Imagine trying to eke out a living as a farmer in the Panjwayi District. Clowns to the left of you, jokers to the right. Swine flu would be a blessing.

Omar said...

Any chance of getting a falafel wrap to go?

Doctorboogaloo said...

Hey youse guys, how are ya?

Yeah, dreadful summer. I'm looking forward to a return to something almost normal.

Stay safe guys... especially you, Omar -- with Hurricane Bill and all.

Cheers, gents. (The bar is open and free.)