Sunday, December 20, 2009


Friday was a fun day at school.  Party central. The kids were fucking nuts (of course) it being but seven days until Santa drops a load down the chimney and all.  But they were nuts in a good way.  And the ones who have the hardest lives had the biggest smiles on their little chops.  Most of these kids realize that school is a good place to be. (It beats the hell out of foster care; you know, those interim placements that separate you from your siblings while mum and dad struggle with jail and rehab.) The hugs and hand-drawn cards and toothless smiles get me every time.  And you want to gather them up and take them home.  But you can't.  You want to help, but you can only do so so much.  And on the drive home, you think about them.  And you're thankful for your job.  But sometimes the job hurts.  Not as much as the kids hurt, though.  Not ever that much.


Woozie said...

It seems like little kids love going to school, but as they get older they start to hate it, and then once they head off for higher education they come back around to loving it again.

Doctorboogaloo said...

Woozie: Yeah, it isn't a smooth upward curve for a lot of kids.

I'm sure as hell glad my school-days are over. I wouldn't want to be thirteen again. (Maybe twenty-something, though. Fuck, even fifty would be nice.)