Thursday, December 30, 2010



Eight-track tapes.

Cheap smokes.

All gone.  Even Kodachrome.

Dollar bills.  (This is Canada, eh?)

Silver coinage.

Flip soda pop.  (Green bottle, sold for a nickel.)


And can you still get a good hunk of headcheese? * *  Not that I'd ever want one, mind.  Good headcheese.  Even sounds oxymoronic.

But my point is this:

Well, actually, I don't have a point.  It's just that another year has come and gone and I thought I'd take stock.  Of something.  While I'm drinking beer.

Yes, dear?  Oh, thanks.  (The wife has just finished ironing my Nehru shirt.  It's rather become a New Year's custom.)  Now, if I can just find the Vitalis and my old bottle of Jade East....

* *  Asked and answered.  Here's a picture.  (You're welcome.)


Gorilla Bananas said...

Dollar bills have gone? Have they been replaced with coins?

Doctorboogaloo said...

Both one and two-dollar bills were replaced by coins twenty years ago or so. I think that explains why I list to right when I walk.

Omar said...

When we get the fiver everything will be well with the world. And your gait.