Friday, March 26, 2010


A buddy dropped by the other night for a beer and a chat.  He swilled Coors Light while I, of course, drank Heineken.  He left a couple of his Coors in the fridge.  I am drinking one now.  And I believe it's safe to say it won't become a habit.  I do like the label, though.  Apparently, you can tell when the beer is cold by looking at the mountains behind the big red Coors sign. The snow turns blue when they are ready to go. (Pity the blind, eh?  How the hell are they supposed to know when the stuff is cold?  Selfish, sighted, beer and label makers.)

In other non-news....

I've only smoked a single pack of cigarettes these past five days.  An average of just five smokes a day!  Fuck me, I'm almost  guaranteed an extra hour or two of life.  At this rate, I might even collect a bob or two on the pension.

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