Saturday, March 27, 2010


Disclaimer: I'm old and I'm too lazy to provide links.  (Providing links would require something like research.  And that's as it should be... if I actually cared; if it weren't a Saturday night and my second sheet wasn't just about to hit the nearest updraft; or if I were being paid.)

... but I think it's fucking hilarious that David Frum -- former Bush speechwriter and right-wing doofus -- has been cast adrift by the neo-con think-tank he worked for.  Ha Ha Ha.  (Zee Party vos not vell pleezed vit Herr Frum's modest, common zense remarks.)

 Ha ha ha.... zis is zee time of zee purging.

Don't worry Dave, be happy.  Ha Ha Ha.  (Tough shit and all that.)

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