Saturday, March 20, 2010


The U.S. health care debate seems to be as much about race (those teabagger signs speak volumes) as health.

Amazing to me that some (white) folks actually prefer their continual ass-fuck by insurance and drug companies to witnessing a black President sign what appears to be a modest bill for reform.

Sad.  And a bit scary. But not really that hard to fathom.

What the hell is in that tea, anyway?  And when the kettle boils, does it whistle Dixie?


Woozie said...

A friend of mine's family made a road trip down to DC a few days ago to partake in the tea party protests. His mother was there for Glenn Beck's 9/12 thing last year too. When I met her months before that she didn't seem so much racist as incredibly uncomfortable around darkness, much less rainbow darkness. Thank allah he didn't inherit her...sensibilities.

Doctorboogaloo said...

Good to know genes only count for so much, eh?

I remember watching Beck a few years ago when he was new to CNN. He kept referring to himself as a 'thinker'.
Quite a logistical feat; even then his head was pretty far up his ass.

unokhan said...

i am som stealing that closing line