Saturday, March 13, 2010


On the plus side:  

I'll be able to work on my tan at eight in the evening... whilst watching American Idol.

No need to rush supper.  I'll be able to enjoy late, leisurely desserts and still bask in sunshine whilst tending to my Nightshade, Foxglove and Castor-oil plants.

On the minus side: 

If I die before the return to Standard Time, my life will wind up an hour short. (And I shall expect some kind of compensation.  Which will not, I suspect, be forthcoming.)

My next door neighbor, Mrs. Parsons, will have her varicose veins on display until nearly ten in the evening.


Omar said...

Two teams battling for a playoff spot and the battle of the basement dwellers. So who does CBC decide to have on their HD channel tonight? Yeah.

Doctorboogaloo said...

Omar: I think I gave up watching hockey on a regular basis shortly after Lanny McDonald retired. (And believe me son, that still seems like last week.)

The only sport I continue to follow -- somewhat faithfully -- is soccer. (England & Europe.)

I do like the Canucks, though. LOOOOO!

unokhan said...

grow. a. hedge.

Doctorboogaloo said...

Uno: I have a hedge (a lovely barberry) and it works wonders when she's on the ground. But she likes calling to me from her deck.