Monday, March 8, 2010


I get home today and the dog don't come runnin'.  I call and she don't answer.  She's on the bedroom floor, immobile.  In the kitchen, the fridge door is open.   Stuff's all over the place.  Dog had helped herself to three  cabbage rolls and half a casserole.
Dog is fifteen years old.  Maybe she just wanted one more good meal.
Dumb ass dog... 
never touched a single beer.

Dog is fine.  Gonna live.  But sweet Jeebus -- cabbage rolls?


Omar said...

Is she a Bluetick hound? Those connivers could steal your car if given half an opportunity.

Doctorboogaloo said...

Omar: At the animal shelter, they figured she was some sort of lab/shepherd cross -- with a few other bits and pieces no one could quite nail down. As a pup, she was a bit of a runt. Never did get very large. But she's clever as hell.
Oh, the stories I could tell.

unokhan said...

if she's learned to open the fridge, better stash those beers somewhere else -- at this rate she'll soon master the bottle opener

Doctorboogaloo said...

Uno: The amazing thing is that she was wearing one of those plastic cones on her head (she's got a hot spot on her belly; we're running a course of antibiotics and anti-histamines.) How the hell she managed to pig out with that thing covering her face, I do not know.

But somehow, I don't think the cats are blameless. Wouldn't surprise me that they've all teamed up.