Friday, March 13, 2009


What is it with religious imbeciles? Why can't they keep their so-called 'Good News' to themselves? Why, like stunted, modern-day missionaries, do they feel the need to intrude and masturbate, yanking their ingrown dicks to deposit a teaspoon of rancid, holier-than-thou cum into an otherwise intelligent conversation?

Visit any science-oriented website and marvel at the comments they feel impelled to leave. From particle physics to paleontology, these zealous dickwads are out in force, exclaiming the latest discoveries to be fresh 'clues' that Jeebus (and his likewise invisible -- though thoroughly omnipotent -- wacky old man) have left for us flawed mortals to decipher.

Please. Just fuck off. And leave the thinnin' to the grownups, Queeksdraw.

Yours truly,

Baba Looey

P.S. To the free-thinkers, the Heinekens are on the house. Others need not apply.

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