Saturday, March 7, 2009

JIGGERY POKERY (and Time Theft)

Fucking Daylight Saving. I can't afford to lose an hour.

Last week alone, I lost an hour picking up after the dog on our walks. Two hours vanished whilst standing in line at The Beer Store, returning empties. And I lost a good forty minutes when my dick got caught in a zipper. (I was trying on new trousers at Sears.)

In an effort to stave off the theft of another sixty minutes, I started drinking early tonight. (Won't even notice it's missing tomorrow.)

Llewellen... tap us a keg. And make it snappy. Time's awastin'.


Omar said...

If they were a pair of 'Arnold Palmer's' finest pantaloons you were modeling, then you deserved to get that old tallywhacker of yours caught in the teeth.

DoctorBoogaloo said...

Omar: Kee-rist, no. They weren't Arnie's. Actually, it was a pair of nifty cargo pants. (I should have kept an eye on the cargo, though.)