Saturday, March 21, 2009


My son and his friends returned home on Thursday evening after spending eleven days in Italy, Sicily and Greece. He took over a thousand photos -- and most are brilliant. Needless to say, they had the time of their (young) lives.

I've added a piece on the Sidebar that links to a new Photobucket album I've started. (I tried to download some pictures here, but they are simply too large. Hell, for a while, it looked as though Blogger was trying to pass a kidney stone.)

He brought home some cool stuff, including a small hunk of volcanic rock from Mt. Aetna. Apparently, there are lots of dogs in Sicily... and wild, roaming pigs. Adventures included: climbing the Dome of St. Peter's; seeing Vesuvius, the Sistine Chapel, the Coliseum (and the way cool catacombs), the Parthenon; ordering calamari (and getting more than they bargained for); sharing a bunk on the ferry -- which made the 'Stateroom' from 'A Night at the Opera' look expansive; making friends with a wild pig; attending a wine-tasting and partaking in a liquor-guzzling exhibition; treading on oodles of history; getting an eyeful of renaissance art; eating french fries with mayo; getting soaked to the gills tramping around rural Greece; and having the best dinner ever, at the hotel in Athens.

The photo at top (amazing -- it fits on the page) shows one of the school groups in front of St. Peter's. This was posted to the Trip Diary by one of the Tour Guides. Anyway... I'm glad he's home. (Well, actually, he's out with his friends again tonight. But you get the idea.)


unokhan said...

wow, the pix are a history lesson in themselves.

and the calamari?

DoctorBoogaloo said...

Uno: The calamari was presented as two full size squids, barely grilled, and served on a plate the size of a centurion's shield. It was impossible to cut without the aid of a decent table saw. The meal was returned to the kitchen, uneaten, untouched, and unloved. The substituted chicken was likewise nearly raw. They had a glass of wine and went next door for a Big Mac.

unokhan said...

ah hah, lol. rubberiness

unokhan said...

long live big macs n fries