Monday, March 16, 2009


My son flew on Lufthansa out of Toronto a week ago tonight. So far, I've caught sight of him five times in the pictures posted to the trip blog. But it took until Day Four of the trip before his image surfaced. You can imagine my blood pressure readings for the first three days.

Funny things, those pictures.

He's a young man. But still a kid. And in one shot, he looks for all the world like a little boy. The little boy I took to Junior Kindergarten... and left there, in the care of someone I did not know. As now. In the care of people I do not know.

But he's a young man.


And I'm still a father.

A father who is learning, bit by bit, that his job is nearly finished. Or perhaps, closer to the truth, I'm re-learning that -- sooner, rather than later -- the child really is father of the man.

Still, I liked it better when I had all the answers. Or thought I did.

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