Friday, March 20, 2009


This is a nice story. Chess is a great teaching tool and every school, every teacher, should find the time to work it into the curriculum. But I am a little troubled with the author's (and teacher's) stated salary. Sixteen grand a year before taxes? You must be kidding me. Kids working at McDonalds make nearly that much. What teacher works full-time for that tiny wage? There's something fishy here. Sounds more like a fly-by-night daycare centre than a school. Hell, most Education Assistants take home three times more money than that. (I should know; I've done the job.) Before you sign on to your next teaching gig, ask to see the cheque, mate.

Question: Does Barry actually have time to play chess? Seems that bowling is his new extra-curricular game of choice. He told Leno he bowled a 129. (And that is laudable beginner territory.)

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